I WILL have a smoking shack like this. One day…

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One time me and my boyfriend so so high and then we tried to have sex.We got naked and just sat there laughing tl I dozed off.So high
A while back, i smoked with two friends and we walked over to the elementary school playground a few blocks from my house. No one was there, so we played on the jungle gym and went on the swings. When it was starting to get dark, we saw this guy ride his bike to the farther end of the playground, get off of it, and put something on the dirt next to the fence. We were all curious to what he was doing. I said he was visiting someones grave- which didn’t make sense. After he left, we were paranoid that he would circle back and show up behind us. We decided to go and see what he left, but we thought maybe he put a bomb or some dangerous shit over there. So we just decided to walk home and it was already pretty dark.
I still really want to know what that guy put in the dirt at that playground. I’m pretty sure we didn’t imagine him. So High.
This one time my now openly gay friend came out to me and my boyfriend, later on in the night he ordered pizza with cones on it (not suspicious at all) from this point on, we try not to let him speak to people when gone stoned.. Also, we broke into a near by school and thought there was a zombie apocalypse and sprinted for about 3 streets. So High.

-I was so high that I think I died-

Yes, on the night of April 20th 2014, after downing a 2 liter of mountain dew and the ears of a milk-chocolate bunny, I proceeded to smoke so much that I had what I’d like to describe a “weird near-death experience”

I had saved up about a hundred bucks, bought a few fatties, and grinded so much weed that my hands had sores.

Now, to skip all the useless story bullshit, I’ll skip to the part where I have a ‘NDE’. I was laying on my bed, chilling like a motherfucker, I sit up and took a huge hit from the pure- Americana, and I had that feeling you get when you feel like you’re going to faint because of how much air goes to your brain, all of a sudden, I felt myself slipping from consciousness. I woke up about seven seconds later, flopped with my back on my bed with my fattie burning on my chest. When I had finally came too, I felt like I had a near death experience. Everything was black, I remember nothing, and wow was I confused.

I don’t think it was the weed that made me faint, I think it was the way I took the hit. But after I came-to, the weed made it feel all distorted and weird and shit.

Thanks for reading, So High.

This isn’t just one story, its several experiences in one…
So this one time my friend and i got baked on like not even one gram, cause we were running like super low, and ya know, when your at the end of the bag so you try and save as much as possible xD. But anyway, My logic was fucked and there was some weed still stuck in the cone piece and i decided it would be a good idea to blow through the top of the bong (which of course wet the weed!) but i was off my chops anyway and just layed back on the grass and started to breathe like a dog would. It was pitch black and my friend was convinced that it was a real dog sniffing around in the grass. He was so freaked out xD

Ok so this other time i was with that same friend but just in another location (At night). I had my backpack with me and some coconut chocolate and water of course. So we got baked as usual and got the munchies much sooner than normal. I handed him one of the chocolates and he started eating it, then he was like “Bro, did you fucking put dirt in these chocolates!?” And then to freak him out i answered yes and just couldn’t hold myself together and cracked up laughing, he legit believed me and everything he then asked for the water, and like the high bitch i was, took the water out and tipped it on the ground. He had a chocolaty dry mouth for the rest of the night xD.

After this next story i realized you trip way fucking more at day then at night:
Ok, so i was with my other friends (1 girl 1 guy) and we got stoned on a grassy hill. It was her first time pulling a bong so i just lit it up and got smoke in the bong chamber for her to inhale. When we were all of our faces i stood up and leant vertical with my head and arm against a tree looking down the hill. At the bottom of the hill it just went straight back up, like a ditch. then started to imagine that i was standing straight on a flat surface and pictured the other side of the hill as a wall with a picture of the hill on it. then i imagined that at the wall there was a door with just blank behind it. I told my friends to do the same and they saw it too xD

So high.

I was smoking with my friends one time and we were about an hour away from my house. I went to drive us home after we smoked and I had the GPS on but I started losing my shit because the street name on the GPS and the name on the street signs were different and I was losing it and ended up 4 hours away in the opposite direction of where I wanted to go.
So High.
I was so high, that I thought I was walking through where the wild things are jungle.

I was so high, that I thought I was walking through where the wild things are jungle.

One time me and my boyriend so so high and then we tried to have sex.We got naked and just sat there laughing tl I dozed off.So high
Last week my friend and I got super stoned at some party after a while we decided to go home but we had to walk home.The minute we got to the street we started running I’m not sure why but we ran til we got to our place.So high!