One time I was so high that I thought the hairs from my beard were mini worms moving. So High
This one time I was so high I was listening to Over the Hills and Far Away by Led Zeppelin and I imangined He-Man singing the song and I fucking lost my shit and had to turn it off. Soooooo high
One time i was so high that when i was driving home i felt like i was in GTA and i felt like i was going soooo fast!!!! but then i realized i was going 20 in a 45….
So I regularly smoke pot, and i recently found out that my sisters boyfriend also smokes pot, But my sister never has and she has really bad anxiety. One night he invited me to smoke with him, I went over and he gave me money to find him a bag. I got him a gram of Strawberry blue kush. When i got back he told me he has talked my sister into smoking with us, We smoke 4 bowls, her only taking one or two small hits all together. After about an hour of being stoned i wake up to screaming and yelling and find my sister running around spraying febreeze saying that my parents are on their way over, This was at 4 in the morning and my parents live over an hour away. Needless to say she has never smoked again, and she says she never will.
One time during my morning break at college, my friend came in with a box of brownies that he said his girlfriend’s mum made. He offered me some so we ate everything in the box. It wasn’t till half an hour later that my teacher told me off and I was oblivious to it for a good 30 seconds until she said “Why are you smiling? Stop, it’s not funny!” and I then realised I was high as a kite. Like CRAZY high. I looked over at her and in my defence stated that I was NOT smiling but I was too high to stop smiling so I looked like a psychotic chesire cat on acid. It was like God had pinched the corners of my vision because I lifted my arms and they were distorted, I looked at my friend who was also high and he would not stop laughing because we were both tripping terribly. Our eyes of course were looking almost closed and bloodshot. A few minutes later, my teacher had left the class and everyone turned to look at me to discuss what had happened with the teacher and I kinda zoned and finally said to them “I am so high” and the class just burst into laughter. So high. —
This one time in high school, my best friend and I went to a little soiree. We found some other friends of ours that and all wanted to blow down. We hoped in the wipe and drove to this guys house a good ways away to pick some up. Drove back to this girls party and boxed my car like never before. We decided to leave after that just me and my friend. We were so high and jam in to Take Care (it had came out recently). Were so high we lost track of time and weren’t paying attention and drove into another State (Kansas). We finally got back on track and hour or two later. After exiting the highway we sat at a red light for a good twenty min. Either is never changed or we missed it ever time. We laugh about it every time!
" i was so high"
i was looking for my phone in the dark using a flashlight but didnt realize till prolly after 2 minutes that i was actually using my phone as the flashlight !
The first time i got high I started crying because I was scared and I thought was dreaming, and everything was going really slow, and I tried describing it to my friend what I was feeling so I said that when I closed my eyes, I felt like I was at the mall, but when I closed one eye I was at the doctors and then she spilt the weed on the floor and when my mom came home I was still high and told her that my candle jumped on the floor and that’s why there’s a giant hole in my floor.
So High.
One time me and my two friends were smoking a blunt and driving around my neighborhood. All of the sudden it started pouring, and I mean POURING down rain. We were driving for so long and then I realized… she didn’t even have her windshield wipers on. So High.
This one time, me and my friend smoked a joint at the bottom of my road. We were both aged 16 so had to hide it from our parents. We got a bus into town and hit Mcdonalds for a munch. Every time we moved one spot forward in the queue, we looked at each other and smiled with excitement, looking forward to some sexy ass meal. I begged him to order for me because I was way too high to even talk to the woman the the counter. He did, but for some reason ordered all our stuff shouting. Everyone was staring at us but our order finally came. We ate it all for some reason laughing. My man loves his food high or not, so every time i reached for one of my own fries, his mind somehow tricked him into believing that i reached for his drink, had some then put it back. He didn’t stop blaming me. We got a bus back, but at this particular part of town the bus was passing on the way home, I kept seeing us travel past it again, and again and again. One minute we turn a corner, then 2 seconds later we turn it again and I was so amazed. We got home, went straight upstairs and closed my door to avoid seeing my parents with eyes bloodshot and puffy as shit. We turned off the light and on the TV then sat back in a chair each and felt chill. I opened a pack of skittles for a nice cure for cottonmouth, but when the TV screen went black for a dark part in the movie, we couldn’t see the skittles and thought the TV had stolen them. So high.